SENE Studio

Project Spotlight: SENE Studio

SENE Studio is a design-focused collection of truly custom-tailored goods built from scratch to fit you. Their collections are modern, functional, and offer fresh and sustainable alternatives to mass-produced clothes. SENE, originally based in New York City, reached out to XP Retail to work on their expansion to the West Coast. 

With two lightboxes, we completed their vision for an ultramodern space in their very first Los Angeles location. The first lightbox created a bold statement as customers walked into the showroom while the second helped pull your attention through the store and effortlessly transition into their corporate offices. 

The fabric change outs work perfectly with the SENE brand because it gives them the flexibility to change graphics with each season and helps them continue to showcase another unique application of fabric.

Project Details: 
Profile 120 Matrix Frame aluminum extrusion system with silicone edge fabric graphics (SEG) printed by dye sublimation on their exclusive Luxx fabric. XP Retail worked with SENE’s contractor to build a lightbox that could fit within a custom made, rotating swivel system, in order for it to be converted into a multi-functional door. The lightboxes also utilized LED’s that can remain on continuously without generating heat.  Frame and graphic installation by XP Retail.  

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