We specialize in Retail - it's in the name of our company and it doesn't stop there.  We understand how you work and tailor our products and services to fit your needs. XP Retail works with retailers big and small.  We're not only the largest Matrix Frame dealer in the world, we're also conveniently located in the Matrix Frame manufacturing and printing facility so we can assure you that we manage your jobs throughout the entire production process.   With complete fulfillment capabilities we are with you from installation to delivery, direct to all of your stores.

Let's us help you take your visual merchandising to the next level! 



XP Retail is proud to offer full retail fulfillment at no additional charge to our customers.  Retailers simply place an order and provide a distribution list and target arrival date and XP Retail will individually pack and ship to each location.  XP Retail then provides complete tracking information so that you can be assured that your shipments have arrived to each location.

Graphic change outs are simple and can be done at a store associate level!  This reduces and eliminates extra costs for graphic change out services.


Looking for an eye-catching display to showcase your items.  XP Retail has developed our exclusive line of fixtures that integrate Matrix Frames.  Now your fixtures can include beautiful, tension fabric graphics that are easy to change out with product or seasons.

Already have fixtures that you want to use?  Not a problem.  XP Retail design retro-fit frames to fit with your existing fixtures.

Our expect designers will work with you directly to find the best fit for your product and space.


XP Retail now offers Slat Strip Systems.  Slat strip systems incorporates a metal slat strip wall system that provides a discrete way to utilize slat wall accessories.  The Slat Strips can be incorporated into our XP Retail fixtures.  Pair these with our modern line of Slat Strip Wall accessories or our use your existing slat wall accessories.  Slat Strip systems can be powder coated to achieve a fresh new look for your displays!