The XP Connect system turns our fabric graphic displays into Smart Light Boxes! Now you can motion-trigger lighting, audio or monitor changes on our displays, all while capturing valuable customer traffic and impression information using simple web-based controls. 

Light Box Events by Motion Activation - Want to attract peoples attention as they walk by? Set your desired motion range and program any number of lighting sequencing, color, or spot lighting changes. 

Monitor Changes by Motion Activation - Want to promote a specific sale, or change your message as a customer gets closer? Our Monitor Motion Activation lets you program a specific set of display information as your customer approaches.

Audio by Motion Activation - "Did I get your attention?" That simple question made our customers stop and turn around! Keep your displays from blending into the background and get your customer's attention.

Traffic Analytics - As part of the XP Connect system, you automatically get valuable traffic analytics. Through non-recorded live-feed analytics, XP Connect can not only count the traffic that goes by your display, but can also count the impressions of two eyes looking at your display. Take it a step further and we can even calculate dwell time at that location as well. Wouldn't that be great information for your co-op vendors and design teams! Set up multiple display locations and track which areas are getting better traffic and which ads are most effective!  

The XP Connect system can be fully customized to your needs. To find out how to integrate XP Connect technology into your visual displays, talk to one of our sales representatives by clicking below.