Project Spotlight: Häfele America Co.

Project Spotlight: Häfele America Co. 

Häfele America Co. serves the U.S. market with innovative services and solutions by focusing on delivering functional hardware and specialty fittings to meet your construction needs. Häfele is well known internationally as a leading source of hardware, fitting systems, lighting and electronic locking systems. With the expansion of their corporate offices and primary distribution center in Archdale, North Carolina, XP Retail worked with Häfele America’s design team to build a custom light box for the entry way into their brand new facilities.

The first light box created a bold statement as customers walked through the front doors while the second helped pull your attention through the lobby and effortlessly transition into their corporate offices and nearby elevators. The second light box is referred to as their “History Wall”. By incorporating images from the very beginnings of Häfele with the ultra-thin monitor highlighting new products it completed their vision for an ultramodern, eye-catching space in their brand new corporate offices. This project also features the smallest light box created by Matrix Frame USA. 

The ability to change out the silicone edge fabric prints was a perfect fit for the Häfele brand. Not only does it give them the flexibility to change graphics for product launches, meetings, events, etc. but it further complements their forward thinking approach in the hardware industry.

Project Details: 
Profile 120 Matrix Frame aluminum extrusion system with silicone edge fabric graphics (SEG) printed by dye sublimation on their exclusive Luxx fabric.  XP Retail used small wooden frames with Matrix Frame Y1 Profile and light sheets for the front four light boxes.  All of the lightboxes LED’s can remain on continuously without generating any heat.  In the center of the light box, XP Retail used an interior TV mount bracket to sit the monitor perfectly on top of the silicone edge graphic. The frame and graphic were installed by XP Retail.  

For more information about Häfele America go to  to learn more! 

Project Spotlight: Charlotte Hornets Fan Shop

Project Spotlight: Charlotte Hornets Fan Shop

The Charlotte Hornets decided to make a few changes to the first floors of the Spectrum Center this offseason and we were lucky enough to be a part of their fan shop renovations.

By moving to the Main Lobby, the Hornets Fan Shop is now much easier for fans to access with over 1,000 square feet added. The re-opening of the Hornets Fan Shop launched at the same time as the team’s new Jordan Brand uniforms as Nike becomes the NBA’s uniform provider. The Hornets will be the only team in the NBA wearing Jordan Brand uniforms and the Charlotte community is loving the buzz.

We used Matrix Frame light boxes throughout the entire Hornets Fan Shop. We mounted them to new store fixtures to create an octagon hive in the center of the store and even mounted TV’s to others. Be sure to check out the new Hornets Fan Shop before the season officially begins to grab some new gear and Back the Buzz.

Project Details: Profile 100 Matrix Frame aluminum extrusion system with silicone edge fabric graphics (SEG) printed by dye sublimation on their exclusive Luxx fabric. XP Retail worked with the Charlotte Hornet’s contractor to build a lightbox that could fit within a custom made, octagon fixture, in order to align with their bee hive store design. The lightboxes also utilized LED’s that can remain on continuously without generating heat.  Frame and graphic installation by XP Retail. 

Project Spotlight: Warehouse Office Expansion

Project Spotlight: Warehouse Office Expansion

When you realize you’re growing at a faster rate than expected, improvisation happens. As our team in Charlotte continues to grow, we realized we were in need of more space. Initially, we thought that adding a new office would take months of labor. Little did we realize an entire new office could go up in a matter of weeks!

We decided to get creative and use a Matrix frame system to build out an entire new office. We used aluminum extrusion to create walls and then reversed the extrusion in order to create windows for the office. With additional shadow box trim around the openings, we have clean, finished edges that allow you to seamlessly tuck in the graphics. Plus—with tension fabric graphics for the walls, you can easily change out the ambiance in the room without even having to paint!  

Matrix Frames have hundreds of applications and we cannot wait to surprise our colleagues with their new office space.

Project Details: Profile 50 Matrix Frame aluminum extrusion system with silicone edge graphics (SEG) printed by dye sublimation on their exclusive Deco fabric.

XP Retail Partners with Charlotte Loves Houston


XP Retail Partners with the Charlotte Loves Houston Supply Drive

An initiative in Charlotte, NC launched this week and our team at XP Retail joined in to help fill trucks of supplies to take to Houston. With a growing list of business partners, Charlotte Loves Houston will be driving multiple semi-trucks filled with donations across the country to help. It began as an idea that is quickly spreading throughout the Charlotte area and we are proud to be an official drop-off location for the supplies. 

They will have teams of people waiting for donations at South Park Mall to load all donations into trucks.

  1. Please see our list of items to donate below!
  2. You can also donate to purchase fuel or supplies. Each truck will require $1,000 in gas to make the trip and back. Please check out their GoFundMe page to make a donation.

You will be able to join the trucks on their journey on social media. Click on the following links to watch the story unfold.

For those unable to make it to South Park Mall, donations are accepted at: 

XP Retail
10405 Granite St.
Suite F
Charlotte, NC 28273

Our team really enjoys being able to help our local community come together and support those in need. If you are a local XP Retail client and would like to donate items to this program please email .

If not, please check out the GoFundMe Page  or share a post on Social Media!

Most Needed Items:
Bottled Water, Baby food, Baby Formula, Diapers/baby wipes, First Aid / Medical supplies, Toiletries (toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, tampons, soap, antibacterial hand sanitizer, sun screen), Batteries, Paper towels, Toilet Paper, Canned Food, Non-perishable snacks (granola bars, breakfast bars, fruit cups, peanut butter, tuna), Pet Food, Cleaning Supplies (Trash Bags, dust masks, packing tape, masking tape, work gloves, push brooms, yard rakes, plastic gloves, laundry detergent), Bug Spray, or Fans for drying homes. 

Project Spotlight: Belk Corporate

Project Spotlight: Belk Corporate Art

When Belk’s Corporate Office renovated their executive offices, they also selected a fresh new look for their office artwork.  Utilizing Matrix Frames the design team put together bright, fun artwork that brought life to their walls while relating to the departments on the floor.  Belk loves to change out their artwork to reflect different events and seasons in their office.  Utilizing the Matrix Frame system allows them to have quick art change outs while bringing a whole new look each time.

Project Details: Profile 26 Matrix Frame aluminum extrusion system with silicone edge fabric graphics (SEG) printed by dye sublimation on their exclusive Deco fabric. Frame and graphic installation by XP Retail.