XP Retail - Providing Warmth for those in Need

The sun had barely risen on this chilly October morning when several of the XP Retail employees began their day in Uptown Charlotte. They were pulling two wagons behind them, one full of hot coffee and one filled with care packages to hand out to those in need.

Last year the folks at XP Retail and Matrix Frame USA were trying to determine how to make the most of leftover fabric remnants and the fabric graphics from expired ad campaigns. Rather than see these beautiful fabric graphics thrown away, we partnered with several of our clients to recycle them in a unique way – to create bold, colorful blankets.

As campaigns expire and fabric graphics are retired from active duty, Matrix Frame removes the silicone edge from the graphics and resews them into blankets. Then members of both XP and Matrix Frame stuff care packages with the recycled blankets, water, snacks, toiletries, socks and boxers, and hit the streets to hand them out to the homeless.

As it turns out our good deeds have spurred some action in others. Not only are some of our clients donating their old graphics for the blankets, but recently L.L. Bean said they wanted to be more actively involved and we sent 50 care packages to Maine to hand out in their community.

Our team really enjoys the smiles and kind words we receive when handing out the care packages to those in need. Our only regret is that there are never enough to serve all the people who could benefit from them.

If you are an XP Retail client and would like to donate your fabric graphics back to this program, would like to hand out blankets and care packages in your town, or would like to donate additional items to the packets, please email