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XP Retail Partners with Charlotte Loves Houston


XP Retail Partners with the Charlotte Loves Houston Supply Drive

An initiative in Charlotte, NC launched this week and our team at XP Retail joined in to help fill trucks of supplies to take to Houston. With a growing list of business partners, Charlotte Loves Houston will be driving multiple semi-trucks filled with donations across the country to help. It began as an idea that is quickly spreading throughout the Charlotte area and we are proud to be an official drop-off location for the supplies. 

They will have teams of people waiting for donations at South Park Mall to load all donations into trucks.

  1. Please see our list of items to donate below!
  2. You can also donate to purchase fuel or supplies. Each truck will require $1,000 in gas to make the trip and back. Please check out their GoFundMe page to make a donation.

You will be able to join the trucks on their journey on social media. Click on the following links to watch the story unfold.

For those unable to make it to South Park Mall, donations are accepted at: 

XP Retail
10405 Granite St.
Suite F
Charlotte, NC 28273

Our team really enjoys being able to help our local community come together and support those in need. If you are a local XP Retail client and would like to donate items to this program please email .

If not, please check out the GoFundMe Page  or share a post on Social Media!

Most Needed Items:
Bottled Water, Baby food, Baby Formula, Diapers/baby wipes, First Aid / Medical supplies, Toiletries (toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, tampons, soap, antibacterial hand sanitizer, sun screen), Batteries, Paper towels, Toilet Paper, Canned Food, Non-perishable snacks (granola bars, breakfast bars, fruit cups, peanut butter, tuna), Pet Food, Cleaning Supplies (Trash Bags, dust masks, packing tape, masking tape, work gloves, push brooms, yard rakes, plastic gloves, laundry detergent), Bug Spray, or Fans for drying homes. 

Project Spotlight: Sona Med Spa

Established in 1997, Sona Med ’s founders quickly realized the potential and power of the medical spa concept – bringing medically supervised skin health treatments into a luxury spa environment with a passion for customer service. Determined to establish and grow this new category, Sona began franchising in the spring of 2002. Now with over 15 locations from Virginia to Texas, they are well-known across the South for their expertise in laser skin treatments, injectable services, and CoolSculpting.

We worked with Sona Med to help create a more modern, spa-like atmosphere at their corporate offices and multiple treatment centers. XP Retail use tension fabric images, stretched into Matrix Frames, in order to brighten up their walls and draw passing consumers into their spas. With SEG fabric graphics we help give them flexibility to swap out featured treatments or products throughout the year!

With Summer in full-swing, be sure to check out Sona Med Spa and their services at!

Project Details: Profile 26 Matrix Frame aluminum extrusion system with silicone edge fabric graphics (SEG) printed by dye sublimation on their exclusive Decotex fabric. Delivery, installation, and graphic change outs by XP Retail. 



Project Spotlight: L.L.Bean

The L.L. Bean Company, founded in 1912, has long been inspiring people to live life outdoors.  So when they decided it was time to give their corporate headquarters in Freeport, Maine a fresh new look it’s not surprising they chose several striking adventurous landscape images.  But at the core of their corporate art they choose a large space in their atrium to highlight the best-selling products of their company.   From their Ultralight 850 Down Jacket to their Sweater Fleece, the visual is as impressive as it is large at 9 feet wide and 11 feet tall.  The true impact is when the image is changed  every two weeks to excite their employees again and again.    

Project Details: Profile 26 Matrix Frame aluminum extrusion system with silicone edge fabric graphics (SEG) printed by dye sublimation on their exclusive Decotex fabric. Installation and graphic change outs by XP Retail. 

Project Spotlight: The Tom James Charlotte Showroom

The Tom James Company, with over 100 offices worldwide, is the world’s largest provider of custom and bespoke clothing. XP Retail recently began working with the Tom James Charlotte location to give their corporate art a fresh new look.

For this project, two factors were key components of a successful partnership between XP and Tom James. First, the graphics needed to be easy to work with and change. As a key player in the fashion industry, where style and fabrics are always evolving, they want their showroom to stay on trend as well. Secondly, they liked that their art would be printed on fabric as it would give their modeled clothing a true-to-life feel. They also found it fitting because, being in the textile market since 1966, they understand and appreciate the art of fabric.

Project Details:

Profile 26 Matrix Frame aluminum extrusion system with silicone edge fabric graphics (SEG) printed by dye sublimation on their exclusive Decotex fabric. Installation by XP Retail and Matrix Frame USA.