Project Spotlight: Häfele America Co.

Project Spotlight: Häfele America Co. 

Häfele America Co. serves the U.S. market with innovative services and solutions by focusing on delivering functional hardware and specialty fittings to meet your construction needs. Häfele is well known internationally as a leading source of hardware, fitting systems, lighting and electronic locking systems. With the expansion of their corporate offices and primary distribution center in Archdale, North Carolina, XP Retail worked with Häfele America’s design team to build a custom light box for the entry way into their brand new facilities.

The first light box created a bold statement as customers walked through the front doors while the second helped pull your attention through the lobby and effortlessly transition into their corporate offices and nearby elevators. The second light box is referred to as their “History Wall”. By incorporating images from the very beginnings of Häfele with the ultra-thin monitor highlighting new products it completed their vision for an ultramodern, eye-catching space in their brand new corporate offices. This project also features the smallest light box created by Matrix Frame USA. 

The ability to change out the silicone edge fabric prints was a perfect fit for the Häfele brand. Not only does it give them the flexibility to change graphics for product launches, meetings, events, etc. but it further complements their forward thinking approach in the hardware industry.

Project Details: 
Profile 120 Matrix Frame aluminum extrusion system with silicone edge fabric graphics (SEG) printed by dye sublimation on their exclusive Luxx fabric.  XP Retail used small wooden frames with Matrix Frame Y1 Profile and light sheets for the front four light boxes.  All of the lightboxes LED’s can remain on continuously without generating any heat.  In the center of the light box, XP Retail used an interior TV mount bracket to sit the monitor perfectly on top of the silicone edge graphic. The frame and graphic were installed by XP Retail.  

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