Swiss Diamond


Project Spotlight Swiss Diamond:

Swiss Diamond has been developing a high-quality, safe and healthy way to prepare food since the late '90s. The innovative coating used on the cookware has earned the company a GOLD medal in the International Inventors Fair along with other various awards and worldwide recognition. They continue to work diligently to provide excellent products as well as strive to create new cutting-edge ideas for the industry.

Recently XP Retail has had the privilege of designing Swiss Diamond's booth for the IHA trade show in Chicago. We knew we wanted it to be eye-catching and stand out in a way that would highlight the companies gourmet products. We were able to use our room divider profile for the majority of their booth and really took advantage of our magnetics to hang frames on the face of their room dividers and we used a monitor mount for their T.V. display. The booth was well thought out and every detail was carefully designed and we are thrilled to say It came together beautifully.

Project Details: Room divider profile #26 192"x24.5". Room divider profile #50 10'x12' with an attached monitor mount and magnetic brackets. Graphics are silicone edge fabric graphics (SEG) printed by dye sublimation on their Deco fabric.