Project Spotlight West Chester Protective Gear:

West Chester Protective Gear has provided products to keep industrial workers safe on the job. They are the largest importers of work gloves in the Western Hemisphere and with West Chester’s spotless reputation, they continue to work diligently to provide superb customer service, excellent products, as well as strive to create new innovative ideas for the industry.

Recently XP Retail had the privilege of working with West Chester Protective Gear to create an incredible trade show booth for The National Hardware Show in Las Vegas. Not only did the design make their booth stand out, but also implemented many of the features XP Retail has to offer. The booth had everything from lightboxes, magnetic wall mounts for a more creative way to display products without disrupting the graphic, inlay structure to give it more of a unique lightbox design, fixture designs for storage display, T.V. wall mounts, Color changing Lightbox counter with an outside corner wrap, a conference room made entirely out of frames, as well as room dividers inside the conference room. The booth was truly well thought out and every detail was carefully designed and assembled in our warehouse before shipping. We could not be happier with how it turned out, but more importantly, Westchester was more than pleased with it. Everything was custom shipped and delivered on location with staff onsite to make sure the install went smoothly. We look forward to working more with West Chester in the future.

Project Details:

This design included several of our systems including:

• 21 light boxes utilizing out profile 200 frame with our eco LED lighting system and TV mounting brackets supporting 48” TVs.

• Our Magnetic wall mounting system utilizing over 400 magnetic brackets, 75 mounting pins, 120 shelves, and 30 helmet holders.

• Custom fixtures with attached tension fabric frames

• Square halo hanging sign constructed from our profile 26 frame