Project Spotlight: Belk Stage Backdrop

This February Belk, is gathering all of their managers for their seasonal meeting at the Charlotte Convention Center. XP Retail was given the task to produce the grand backdrop for the main stage. The custom backdrop measured 32 feet wide and a towering 23.5 feet tall, and has six windows with supports to hold six styled mannequins. The contrast between the pink wall and the white and blue outfits fit a Belk themed event perfectly.

Project Details: Matrix Frame Profile 120, shadow box profile and support bar aluminum extrusions were used to construct the frame. The frame was first test built in the Matrix Frame warehouse before being broken down and re-constructed onsite. Once the XP Retail crew had assembled the frame in the Convention Ballroom, the printed graphic was installed and shadow box profile was used to finish off the front of the windows. It took a crew of 12 people to lift the frame onto the stage and connect it to the stage rigging where it was elevated into place. With the frame standing in place, additional supports and a blockout backer was added. Finally, window openings were trimmed and support brackets were installed to allow the mannequins to be set in place revealing the full effect of the display.