Graphic Printing Satisfaction Guarantee

XP Retail is fully committed to our clients' satisfaction, and we continually strive to provide high quality products that reflect a skilled craftperson's touch.  Our goal is for you to be 100% satisfied.  If you are not fully satisfied with your prints, please call us within 30 days of the date you receive your order, and we will happily reprint.

Matrix Frame Manufacturer Warranty

Matrix Frame stands behind their craftsmanship and offers a limited 5-year warranty on their aluminum extrusion frames, hardware, accessories, LED lighting products and power supplies, to be free from defects in material and workmanship in their intended use.

SHIPMENT verification

We always do our best to properly package our shipments to prevent damages.  However, there are times in which shipping damages may occur that are outside of our control.  In order for us to file proper damage reports with our shipping carriers we require that you note any visible shipping damages upon receipt of your product.  If you sign for a shipment and do not note visible damages, you are accepting the shipment as-is.  If you feel that a shipment will not be usable due to shipping damages, please contact us immediately and refuse the shipment.  

Once you receive your shipment, please open and inspect the contents for damages or missing items that may not have been visible from the outside of the package.  Please report any shipping damages or missing items within 72 hours of receipt.  When reporting damages please be sure to include photos so that we may fix the issue as soon as possible.


As we strive to make sure you are happy with your purchase please note that there are some circumstances that are beyond our control and are not covered by our guarantee/warranty.  XP Retail is not responsible for the following:

  • Typos or design errors on customer-submitted art. This includes spelling, punctuation, grammatical errors, color selection errors, design errors or file layout mistakes that were made by the customer.

  • Incorrect ordering. We are not responsible for orders in which the incorrect quantities were submitted to us, incorrect customer-provided frame size/measurements, or selection of an incorrect product.

  • Damages to printed products that occur after delivery to the customer.

  • Printing issues due to inferior-quality or low resolution files that have been submitted by the customer.

  • Shipping charges that occur due to an incorrect shipping address or other shipping-related errors of changes initiated by the customer.

  • Installation errors from a company not contracted by XP Retail.

  • Using Matrix Frame products in an outdoor application that is not covered from the elements.

  • Changing of the frame's intended purpose or not using recommended support bars in frames.

  • Not indicating a custom frame color on an order. If a specific color is not indicated on the order, anodized silver will be used as the standard selection.

We urge you to carefully review your estimates, proofs and designs carefully. Depending on the situation, XP Retail reserves the right to offer a credit, or to refund the full price of the product(s) in question, excluding postage and freight.

Change Orders

We understand that projects may change after the initial order is submitted.  Please note that all orders are custom manufactured and printed.  If an order requires changes, change order fees will be applied for the costs of any material, printing and labor that has already occurred prior to the change order.   All changes must be provided in writing and must be acknowledged by a confirmation email stating that you accept any changes in pricing and any change order fees associated with your order.  There will be no change order fees if production has not yet begun, but a revised estimate for the updated project will need to be approved prior to starting production.

If a change is needed, please let your account representative know immediately so that we may place your order on hold.  Please note, making changes to an order, or placing an order on hold will push back production schedules.  Any additional rush, or expedited shipping charges are at the expense of the customer.

A change order form is available online for your convenience.  Click Here to submit an online change order form.