Matrix Frame set the standard by which all others follow when it comes to fabric light boxes. XP Retail has been incorporating these light boxes in their customers' retail stores, arenas and trade show exhibits from the very beginning.  These tension fabric light boxes can be built to any size you want and can even be curved to fit a specific radius.

Matrix Frame single-and double-sided light boxes from XP Retail utilize ultra bright LED light bars, which attach to the light box extrusion with simple thumb screws, and plug together to create bright, even lighting.

These light boxes are perfect for freestanding, suspended and wall-mounted applications, and assembly is quick and easy because there are no bulky light panels. Our light boxes break down, store and ship in one small crate, offering considerable savings on shipping costs. 

lit vs non lit.jpg

Illuminate the possibilities with our Light Box Frames. Non Lit (left) vs. Lit Images (right).